Add properties to various web server controls

WebExtenders will help you to create richer web pages without the requirement of using specialized web server controls. Using the concept of ExtenderProviders common to the Windows Forms programming world, WebExtenders add properties to various web server controls. Setting these properties at designtime typically results in a small amount of javascript being attached to the server control as it is rendered to the client at runtime.

The ConfirmProvider component adds the ConfirmText property to all Button, HyperLink, ImageButton and LinkButton controls on a Web Form. Any control whose ConfirmText property has been set, invokes the javascript confirm function in response to the user clicking the control; the specified text is displayed in a modal OK/Cancel dialog box.

The StatusProvider component adds the StatusText property to numerous controls including the Web Form itself. Any control whose StatusText property has been set alters the javascript status property as the user moves the mouse over the control; the specified text is displayed in the status bar. When the StatusText is set on the Web Form, this determines the defaultStatus for the clients browser (that is, the text which appears by default in the status bar).

The AlertProvider component adds the AlertText property to button controls, invoking the javascript alert function in response to the user clicking the control.

The MaskProvider component adds the MaskExpression property to TextBox controls. The mask is applied in response to text entry, with disallowed characters being ignored.

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